What do you want?

Hey guys!

I love to hear from you all and love your comments.

I was thinking of writing a new blog and I have been super busy lately so I was wondering what I should write about. I want to write about querying, proposals, writing a good pitch.

Now tell me what do you want to hear from me?

Do you want help with writing a synopsis, pitch, query letter, or help coping up with a rejection?

What is it? Reply as comments and based on your suggestions, I’ll come up with a brand new post.

Looking forward to hearing from y’all. Cheers!

5 thoughts on “What do you want?

  1. Your blog is amazing for aspiring authors from India. Would you please elaborate on how to approach publisher, what background of yourself must you give if you’ve never had a book published before, and what if your publisher is from a different city? Should you travel to meet them if they agree to publish?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Shalini,

      Thank you for stopping by and writing to me. An article pitching your book to the right publisher has been on my to do list for a while. I better roll up my sleeves and get on to it. You will see it soon.

  2. Hi Prity, I have just completed a manuscript of my first novel. I am having a tough time dealing with synopsis. I am finding it extremely difficult to limit the entire 60K words book in to a one page synopsis (many publishers strictly ask for just one page synopsis). I have somehow managed to write a two page synopsis but writing a one page synopsis seems out of my capability. Could you please help to suggest how an entire manuscript can be converted in to just a single page synopsis?

    • Hi Neelabh,

      Writing a synopsis is really like telling about your story. tell me what it is really about. You can say it in one line, I’m sure if I ask. For example, my story Heaven Conspires is really about two people living worlds apart but somehow connected and how they figure it out. See, you can explain in one line or one page, ten even. There are ways to write synopsis, a chapter wise synopsis that’ll be detailed and the editor gets a complete picture of the book, the start, the twist and of course the end. A one page synopsis is more brief, highlighting the key area, twists, scenes and of course, the end. Start from the very beginning, as if you are narrating the tale to someone. John was living an insipid life, until he met the girl on the train. This is your start, the kicker. Then on with the story. John travels (Write in present tense, always) the same train to work and life is dead boring, until that day. He sits next to a girl, a stranger. And then he sees leave a note for him as she gets down. ‘Help!’ The note changes his life forever. He forces himself to get out of his mundane life and decides to help her.
      This is your start. Now keep narrating the story with only key points. How does he track her, what does he find out, who he meets. How he rescues the girl, only with key points. And the end. Yes, its crucial to mention the end.

      I hope this helps.

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