The Heaven Conspires – My WIP

Today is 30th September 2014 and my book was completed as a part of my write-a-thon, on time.
The book is ready and now being prepared for its release. To find out more about it, please see this page:

An update: Date 12-08-2013 12:22 hrs

I am at 92000 words. So far, my write-a-thon has been amazing. I need to work on the last two chapters and it shouldn’t take more than two days. So I know for sure that I’ll be done before the end of this August. I am just faced with on teeny-tiny hitch. The Climax!

I know what happens but I can’t force myself to get it on paper. It doesn’t excite me. I need to take a break, other than this long weekend, and I need to get my mind cleared. Maybe then, maybe, I can come to terms with it and then in two days, voila.
Let’s see…

The Heaven Conspires

It’s a beautiful story I am writing and is about 100000 words. I know the story by heart and I know the end to it. I know how my characters will live and struggle and how they will reach the goal they so much desire. I am at about 50000 words now and I intend to finish it before the dawn of August this year.

I am starting a write-a-thon to finish this novel on my deadline. 5000 words a day. Let’s see how I perform in this marathon.

Just to give a sneak peek, I give you the blurb!

In the foothills of Himalayas, Mehr is trying to survive the wild dogs hunting her down.
Somewhere in Manhattan, Nathan is being chased by a woman who he has never met before.
Mehr, a young girl has to pass the ancient ritual that’s been practiced by Gorakshwa tribe for centuries. Like all other brides, she has to please their Tribal Lord on the first night of her marriage. She would have lived a normal life if she had followed the rest of the tribe. Instead, she accidently kills him. Now the militia of their tribal Lord is after her and she has to escape them while surviving in the Himalayan wild.
Nathan Hunt, a famous criminal lawyer, has left his practice and needs nothing but scotch to survive. He is fine living on his own, until the day he sees her – a strange woman who is haunting him day and night.
She leads him to the mystic land set thousands of miles apart – India. With the help of a local, Naina, he finds out mysterious facts about the small but horrid tribe called Gorakhashwa. He travels across the country from icy North to blistering south and unravels hidden truths about his life before he was Nathan.
While Nathan is trying to dig into his past, Mehr is trying to survive the tribal militia. It is now up to Nathan to find his destiny and save Mehr before it’s too late.
Heaven Conspires is a thriller novel based in the mystic land of India, depicting the story of two lives, living thousands of miles away, but closely knit. So close, one has to travel the seven seas in search of the other.

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