The day the Sun turned black

The day the Sun turned black

Half day was lost and with passage of few more hours, he’d have to end it all. That was, if he couldn’t get to his target on time. Considering the situation, the possibility of getting his hands on the opponent’s blood seemed highly unlikely.
He could see endless brigades of soldiers lining up in front of him, trying to block his way, not letting him get closer to zone four, where his target and the target’s personal army of men were hiding.
“What do I do now?” he asked his personal navigator cum pilot.
His navigator turned around and smiled.
“Just steer ahead, and get rid of whoever comes in front of you.”
His smile was a wonder in itself. Even in dire circumstances like this one, he managed to show off a smile, a daunting one that too.
“Gopal, there are only few hours before sunset. You know I have to take my weapons down after sunset.”
Gopal just smiled in return and rode ahead.
Vijay was getting increasingly impatient.
His only comrade-cum-guide was not answering.
Without his support he had nowhere to go.
He turned around to look back. His band-of-brothers were busy fighting off the brigades of soldiers being flooded on them, keeping them busy unable to prove of any help to him.
That was their main war strategy. They knew they had to steer Vijay off from his main target for the day and if they somehow managed to do it, the war would be half won.
He was in a maze, a deadly trap set up by his enemies to ambush him and never let him out. And they held an upper hand – even if they didn’t take him down, they just had to keep him busy. Once the day would end, it would all be over.
Vijay imagined the face of his opponent. He was the same man whom once Vijay and his brothers had set free. And yesterday, he murdered his son brutally.
One would say it’s war and all’s fair in the game.
But his son… how could he let it go?
At that very instant he had sworn, sworn to kill the man.
But now, it seemed impossible. He shot the powerful missile on the army that formed a wall in front of him, blocking his target. A rain of fire dropped on the people that stood in front of him. Some died instantly while others struggled like a fish out of fresh sea water but ultimately joined the others to the gates of death.
Some faces, unknown but others, his own.
He could almost cry but vengeance burning in his fiery body wouldn’t let even a single tear wet his eyes. Nor would his navigator Gopal agree to his ways. He would say, “fight for what’s right, Vijay.”
Gopal looked at him and smiled.
As if he knew what Vijay was thinking. He had to fight. For his son, for justice and for the vow he made.
He was a man of promise, and if he didn’t keep it, there would be no point in going ahead with the battle or live, for that matter.
“Ahead, Vijay. The path is clear. Let’s move ahead,” Gopal said.
Vijay moved ahead in force. He knew he barely had an hour left to get to zone four. He had managed to rip off through zone three but getting to zone four would be very difficult. The soldiers waiting for him ahead would not be any soldiers. They would be warriors, mighty warriors – warriors who had undergone through intensive training techniques and skills. Their armors were heavy and made to shield anything that could pierce through anything. He knew because he was one of them. They had trained together, in the same training territory.
He had just managed to pass by his own teacher. The man who had taught him how to fight, along with these brothers he was fighting today. He knew the faces of warriors he was going to face today.
But he wasn’t afraid of them. Only sad to unite them to the rest of the brothers that he had just finished off. He would do that but only to lose time and that was the one thing he didn’t have today.
He needed more time. His target went into hiding and with these warriors protecting him, there was no way he’d get to him on time.
That was, before sunset.
“Is there any hope, Gopal?” he asked.
“There is always hope.”
Vijay wondered how Gopal said such things so simply. He knew till he had Gopal by his side, he didn’t have to worry.
He moved ahead with sheer power. He’d have to make every effort to get to his target.
His biggest enemy brought his ride to block Vijay’s path.
By the look on his face, Vijay knew what he was saying. I am not letting you ahead.
He never expected him to.
Vijay took out another of his heavy machinery and aimed directly at him.
As his fire strode to his enemy, the enemy’s missiles hit Vijay. Vijay stared at the blood oozing out of shoulders and his arms. He looked at his opponent. He was standing in front of him, unharmed.
“Its the armor your teacher gave to him. It will protect him against all your weapons,” Gopal said.
The other soldiers of the enemy army were surrounding him. They started pouring heavy missiles on him.
He had lost a lot of blood already and his strength was wearing out. So was the time.
“We have to call for backup,” Gopal said.
“Okay,” Vijay said.
He didn’t know how his comrades in this war would make it to help him but he’d have to give it a try.
He sounded the relief call to alarm all his comrades to come for his aid – if not all, then some at least.
Tearing through soldiers and knocking down the beasty rides carrying their masters, Vijay saw his two brave brothers approaching him. They rode like wind and attacked like fire and they showed no mercy.
A strange vigor rode up his veins and he felt rejuvenated. He got hold of his weapon and started to tear through the army ahead of him. Nobody could stop him.
Within minutes he was in zone four. He could see his target in front of him, shadowing himself behind a huge army of brave men. They were just pawns, erected there to guard him.
Vijay set out the missile that could take all of them together. He was of course the king of weaponry. He was an expert and he was said to have special powers when it came to those weapons.
Dense arrows of fire showered at the army battalion and in an instant they went into the dust. But as an army disappeared, another rose, not letting him set his eyes upon his target.
He was growing very impatient. Time was running out and the opponent army had enough soldiers to keep him occupied until the sunset.
“You speak of hope, my dear mentor but where is it. For I do not see it, I only see darkness.”
Gopal smiled at him and said, “Do not lose heart my friend, for there is light even in darkness.”
The sun started to grow dark, slowly fading, creating an all trailing darkness around.
Vijay could not understand what Gopal was smiling about. The sun grew dark and it only meant that it was time for sunset, a little early – earlier than he had thought.
If he didn’t get to his target today, he’d have nowhere to go back to. His life, his goal, his hard work would be in ruins.
The enemies started rejoicing now. They were dancing in joy and among the army of cheering soldiers, his target showed his face.
Holding a huge smile and a touting face, he was taunting Vijay. He had lost and the enemy had won.
Where was the hope?
His target was laughing, making sounds of hooting, mocking him, ridiculing him for his failure. His ultimate failure.
It was time – it was time to end his life. And nothing could do any good, not even his ever navigating Gopal.
Just then the darkness around the sun started to fade. The darkness loomed away and the sun showed its ever shining face.
How could it be possible?
He looked at Gopal. He was still smiling.
He was now face to face with the target. The man he had to take down before the Sun hid its face in the west was standing in front of him.
“Go ahead. Use the weapon you have and take him down, Parth. Go fulfill your vow.”
He bowed down to his mentor, his guide, his charioteer and headed to take down his target. The enemy lost the smile and his tout vanished. His mouth soared in pain as he saw Vijay move towards him.
Gopal was always right.
Darkness always came with light.

This is an every green story we have all heard and seen on television. This is make on it. I am not tainting history, just reciting in my own words. For my friends who haven’t heard about it, here’s the link to the epic battle ever and the vow that cost Arjuna his life, well, almost!
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