The color of sky

The true colour of sky, who doth knows?
Is it jade blue or the mirrored true?
The life of greater green – is yet to be seen.
The drop of rain that comes down – is never ever foreseen

Who do we call learned or who to be mean?
Night by day falls – every day and night like a chain.

Do we know the true colours of rainbow,
Or does it even breathe?
Are our eyes so small,
They seem to see the keen?

Why do we think we are the greatest being,
When we don’t know how many – have lived to see the scene.

Do we know what comes next,
Or who has lived before?
Do we see the farthest,
Even beyond our shore?

Do we know the life of an ant,
Or the claws of the snake?
Do we even care anymore,
If the grass is no more so green?

When we don’t know,
What we are now,
Should we grieve the grief –
Of what could have been?

Photo Courtesy: Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

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