Let’s Crit!

Hola to all my fellow writers! I hope you all are busy writing and sending queries to publishers. With the number of hits I get on my blog daily, I assume there are umpteen number of writers, struggling writers, if I may add, who need help in critiquing their work. I have seen and been […]

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How to Write a 100000 Word Novel

Writing a 100000 word novel / How to Cook a Great Book Before we begin, I want to warn you. The blog that you are about to read is very very lengthy. It’s going to take time, effort and hard work to read and understand the concepts. But so is writing a full length novel. […]

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How To Get Over Writer’s Block

WHAT IS WRITER’S BLOCK? When you are wedged up with words not coming out of your mind or you simply hate going back to your laptop, you might have been hit by the Writer’s block flu. You just can’t think of anything to move your story ahead despite trying hard to push your mind to […]