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Love Me Tomorrow – Part II

People were simply preposterous, making efforts to squander her precious thoughts away. She moved from the main area to the little room where they stored the remaining stock of medicines. It was almost half the size of the front area, and that’s what made it more desirable for her. She opened the cabinet over her […]

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I Wait

I wait, I wait My love so long so lost from me, Does it have to hurt so bad in misery? Stabbing pain ‘n aching heart, Bleeding veins tearing me apart. Does it have to drive me so crazy in vain? My love so long, so lost from me, I wait upon thee, I wait […]

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What do have I?

Rome has its palaces, and India, the Taj, Egypt the pyramids, and the States with nomads. Australia has the Kangaroos, And Iran has all the wells. The sky has the moon, So what do have I? Are there palaces of hearts, And mummies soiled of hands, Are there jumping legs by me, To fill my […]