What do have I?

Rome has its palaces, and India, the Taj,
Egypt the pyramids, and the States with nomads.
Australia has the Kangaroos,
And Iran has all the wells.
The sky has the moon,
So what do have I?

Are there palaces of hearts,
And mummies soiled of hands,
Are there jumping legs by me,
To fill my banks with smiles?
Cuckoos sing in delight,
And Peacocks dance in love.
If flower kiss the bees,
Then who do I?

Are there dreams of ‘opes,
And shrines made of tears?
Does love live in hearts,
When the sky’s so unclear?
Dos rain bring the colors,
Or rainbow calls the drops?
If Blue has the Indigo,
Then what do I?

If hate loves envy,
And love brings joy,
If hope follows plight,
And darkness comes after light,
If Sun doesn’t sleep alone, nor do stars at night,
If angels come in pair,
Then why don’t I?