New Beginnings

A new beginning

A new beginning

We are but a precious species,
A human being so rare.
We evolved through ages,
And centuries by far.

We learned to live and breathe,
And survive without air.
We learned to fight the cold wind
And light us up some fire.

We taught our children to cut trees,
And fight for a piece of land.
We gave them a reason to kill – its murder they inherit
Little did we learn to love, and kindle all the dreams?

Do we know how to fight for truth,
And give lives for dreams.
Do we know how to form a bridge,
Of hands united in fear.

Do we see pain in our eyes,
When a dog dies somewhere.
Do we shed a single drop,
When the neighbor’s scream rips through air.

Do we laugh in joy with friends so rare,
When they bring us happiness near.
Do we join the smiles of strangers,
Who pray with us in times so dear?

We are but the greater species – we live not in fear.
We hunt, we kill, we invent, we dwell.
But we know no love for all or any,
And we left away the tears.

We pass a blind eye when a man trembles,
We see no pain when a heart crumbles.
We see joy in revenge so lame.
We see pain in stranger’s fame.

We are but set for judgment day,
We are moving to the darkest day.
I cry with one last tear in my eye – is hope somewhere here?
Can we revive one last day?

Let us join hands in pain,
And keep the devils away.
Let us smile in togetherness for once,
Before mankind drains in vain.

Think O’ think you foolish fellow –
What do you give or take?
You have a heart that beats inside –
But alas! What is a heart that doesn’t ache?

Photo Courtesy: Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos