Someone whispered in my ear,
That I was close and life was here.
Something pulled me near them
I could smell the love and taste the fear.

As I walked through gardens unseen,
And rode on lands I have never been,
I could see the days of my laughter there
And feel the bliss my heart couldn’t bear.

I knew my life was set away,
Then how did I see my dreams here?
I see no flower, no blooming dale,
No butterfly to play, no moist tear.

Yet I know I have seen the colors
Of rainbow hearts and green sunshine.
Oh! How I die to see me live,
In a land unknown, in a land so mine.

For it calls my name and touches my heart,
It knows my pain, it knows my ache.
I wonder if I have ever breathed this air.
That is my own but a stranger by far!

Photo Courtesy: Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

2 thoughts on “Neverland

  1. Hi Prity,

    I came to your site while searching for publisher’s lists and ended up here. Beautiful thoughts of a land that is a stranger and yet so cherished. I have a definition of such a land in my mind but I know that if I ever find mine, it will be very different from anything I have imagined.

    Keep up the superb work….The lists were helpful too…thanks for that.

    • Hi Rajesh,

      I’m glad you liked my poem. It’s something that came from my heart. I don’t know the origin of it other than that. Thanks for your comments.


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