Love Me Tomorrow – Part I

Chapter One

Her eyelid rose and she glanced at the dark brown eyes, looking back from the mirror. They showed a tint of gloom. She instantly dropped them, trying to shadow the murkiness from coming forth.
Her eyes, they were a rebel, trying to defy her will, trying to speak up, when she wanted to hide. They wanted to tell the tale of her loneliness, her despair, and her lament to an utter stranger she barely knew. He was, if not fiend, a foe, someone who wanted one thing, jeopardize her happiness, her dreams from coming to light.
But her will was stronger than the resistance.
She forced her rebellious eyes to sparkle and lips to stretch a smile, one that did not belong. It was but necessary. To keep the lurkers away.
For if they got a glimpse of her wound, they’d be merry to pounce on her. Seeing a damsel in distress, they’d fight to eat her away.
“No, Dave, I am not free on Saturday night and the night after that and the one after that,” she said.
His eyes sank, his face shrunk, as if struck by some thundering bolt. Was it so bad to be rejected time and again?
She wouldn’t know. She didn’t want to. Her Tim was there to love her and he wouldn’t hurt her. Ever.
She wouldn’t know the plight of a rejected man or woman per se.
“Okay,” Dave said with a voice that only confirmed her flying thoughts. He was hurt, by her, by her intent, by her words.
“Why don’t you get treated once and for all?” she asked, her left hand on her waist, her right hand rubbing her brow.
The brows weren’t the trouble makers, her naughty eyes were. They were trying to shower sympathy and she aimed to show the least of it.
“I am taking the medication. Doc says it’ll be all. I don’t need a scan like they say. You mind getting me my medicines?” he said.
Oh so! Even the neighborhood kids knew he was fine. He needed no scan, no medicine. The headaches were just bridges, stepping stones to get prescriptions which he could flaunt at her and ask her away. Again and again.
They might inflict her own headache someday.
She looked at the prescription and sighed.
“Sure, I don’t want to keep you waiting,” she said, widening her eyes, stretching the brows farther and robbing the smile as much as she could, hoping, he’d get the message right away.
He smiled in return, showing no glimpse of regret or any remorse whatsoever.
What was he made of? Wasn’t she clear enough? Did she have to be more brutal than she already was?
She looked at the prescription again. The words were a blur. She needed to focus better. She looked up at him.
His eyes. Pure and innocent. They always spoke of love untold.
She hated that. To crush him, banish him and reject him each new day. Didn’t he understand how he was hurting her, with guilt? She didn’t want to do this. She didn’t fancy it.
Nevertheless, she had to.
For she was someone else’s. Solemnly.
She placed the prescription back on the table and studied it rather circumspectly, meaning to bid him off with the medicines he apparently needed.
She moved to the cabinet to get him his aid. From the side of her eyes, she could see he was staring at her.
She pulled the medicines and put it in the brown cover and placed it back on the desk.
“So, I’ll see you around,” he said, holding the brown cover.
Was it a question or a statement?
It was a shame she’d have to crush him again. Hadn’t he had enough humiliation? Did he want more? How many times before he really fathomed it?
“Until you have the prescriptions,” she said.
He smiled and turned around to leave.
She sighed. It wasn’t something she was proud of.
Wouldn’t it have been perfect if everyone got what they wanted?
Dave, someone worthy of his love.
Her, Tim. Just him.
The thought of him, for her, made her smile.
He was her sunshine, a drop of rain, in her otherwise barren life. It was one of those rare occasions when she smiled, even in that dreaded store.
It was not the store, but the very nature of it which made her despise it so much. She had to meet new people every day. Talk to them, share miniscule moments of nonchalant conversations that never pleased her much. They asked her how she was. Little did they care. Were they going to help her if they knew about her Tim? No. They’d engrave her insane.
She didn’t need new people to charm her when she already had the person who was going to make her happy. The only one in this ridiculous world.
She was waiting for him.

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