Love all the way

Love is in the air. Yeah, it’s Valentine’s Week and what better way to celebrate love than reading a good romance, the old fashioned romance, a classic tale of love.

Starting today, I’m posting my romance book in small parts, one scene every day until Valentine’s Day. If you love it, comment. If you don’t I’ll know that it didn’t probably touch you. If there’s audience for the book, I’ll post more, even after Valentine’s Day. If not, then let the character’s wait…
What say?

Here’s a little gist of the book, Love me tomorrow.

Young Mandy and Tim made a promise to find each other one day, against all odds, and wait for each other to that date.
Fifteen years later, Madison Wright, now twenty, still remembers the promise and is waiting for her Tim to show up at her doorstep.
Tim, now Steve Anderson, is twenty five and busy climbing the ladder of law community. He works at Dunn & Bosco Law firm in New York and aims to become a partner.
Madison believes in love. So much so that she is ready to wait her entire life. For she knows one thing, she would meet her Tim one day and ride into the Sunset with him. She is a poet at heart and helps her crippled father run a pharmacy store.
Steve believes in today. He lives each day as it comes. He hasn’t forgotten all about the promise but shrugs it off as mere child’s play.
With their worlds so far away, can they find each other? More so, can they find the young Mandy and Tim they lost fifteen years back and fall in love again?
Love me tomorrow, is a heart-warming tale about promises, faith, and moreover, love. Love lost and found again.

Let’s begin.

First part of “Love Me Tomorrow” will be up very soon.

Part I is here: Love Me Tomorrow – Part I

Part II: Love Me Tomorrow – Part II

Part III: Love Me Tomorrow – Part III

Part IV: Love Me Tomorrow – Part IV

Part V: Love Me Tomorrow – Part V

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