Let’s Crit!

Hola to all my fellow writers!

I hope you all are busy writing and sending queries to publishers. With the number of hits I get on my blog daily, I assume there are umpteen number of writers, struggling writers, if I may add, who need help in critiquing their work. I have seen and been a part of many critique groups in US and found these groups to be tremendously helpful in helping out other with their work. It’s obvious the third person POV helps us to see mistakes we creators ignore. Peer to peer review is a hit for nothing, right?

What better way to help out each other than to critique our work in a group.

Let us start with a trial round here. Post your short pitch or sample work as comments and we’ll try to review each other’s work. let’s be mutual here and help each other out. I promise I’ll be here to critique the comments that are posted. This is just for trial basis and I hope my fellow writers can benefit from this.

If you are in for this, please post a comment with some sample work and we’ll see how it goes from there.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Crit!

  1. Hi Prity, I read your post ‘Getting published in India’ and I must say that it is highly helpful for any aspiring author. I have then moved on to this post and found it pretty interesting. However, I am not sure why anyone has not participated yet. I would like to share a sample work here. Looking forward to your critical feedback.

    He was standing on the railing of the elevated metro track; gazing at the the city of Gurgaon. The high rise buildings of Gurgaon were about a dozen kilometer away. Behind the night vision glasses he wore, his eyes stared at the city which was engulfed in the fire. The flames were equaling the tall structures. The black Balaclava made up of a fire resistant fabric concealed the rage on his face. He clenched his fist. Beneath the cuff of his fireproof jacket, blood streamed down, suggesting he had a fresh wound on his arm.

    ‘I did it in Mumbai, I did it in Bangalore and Jaipur. And today, I have to do it here in Gurgaon’, he thought. ‘I have to save my own city’.

    He crouched and concentrated his power on his toes. With all his might, he thrust himself upwards with a sharply. Within moments, the saviour was rocketing in the sky towards the city.

    • I’m not sure why people would not respond to tis as critique is a very important part of story building. You cannot see what others do from their standpoint. I am making another attempt at the critiquing. Let’s see who jumps in. Yours will be one of the critiques that’s goes in.

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