Journey Within by Joshua Anglo

About the Book – Of all the Journeys one takes in their lifetime, the most profound one is “Journey within”. That helps us to re-discover our self and improvises us. This book is not just collection of poems that are written throughout the years, but it’s my personal journey of varied experiences that I am honoured to share with you. Every experience, story, feeling that touched my heart, which I have been through, that has shaped me, I have put them into words and a new poem was born. I wish the reader relates to my poems, re-live their own experiences and their heart smiles remembering some part of their own life. Even though outwardly we might all be different, but within, we all have same feelings and same heart. So come take a journey within and be amazed.
About the Author – Joshua Anglo is an IT professional hailing from Nagpur. Journey Within is his first book as a published author. He finds immense peace and content in writing heartfelt poems.

Product details:
Paperback: 114 pages
Publisher: Quills Ink Private Limited (29 October 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9385167324
ISBN-13: 978-9385167324
Product Dimensions: 12.7 x 0.7 x 20.3 cm
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This is a long overdue review that was supposed to come out a month ago. Better late than never. So, here it is.
Before reviewing, I’d like to clarify that I received a preview version of the book and my review is purely based on the poems that I have read within my scope.

My love for poem dates way back. Right from school days reading William Wordsworth or Emily Dickinson as I grew up, my love for poem has only increased. Poems are like songs, beaded into beautiful verses and I find reading them exhilarating. The last verse, as per me, of any poem, defines and unites the entire poem to create a beautiful melody that could sometimes be euphoric.
I admire Emily Dickinson, William Wordsworth, T. S. Elliot and Walt Whitman for their intelligent use of words.
I love Emily Dickinson just for the fact that she writes beautiful verses and she does it so simply.
It feels strange sometimes how we strike a chord with an unknown person, just through words. It’s astonishing, truly. When I read “There is no Frigate like a Book”, by Emily Dickinson, I could literally see her writing it, in her home, by the window, why? Because that’s how I would do it.

I find the love for poem, a true love indeed, something that touches you very deep within. I love poems, I write poems and I feel poems.
When Joshua asked me to review his work, I was a wee bit sceptical, I don’t get impressed too easily. I’ve had my share of critiques and hardships getting my writing where it is right now, not saying that it’s perfect, but still. I don’t go easy on others as well. I’ve learnt that the hard way, is the only way to write better.
Sceptic as I was, I started reading Joshua’s poems. I knew as I read through the first poem, I was reading his life, his journey, his autobiography, through these poems. You understand why he calls it the Journey within.
His poems are in fact, words narrating his own personal journey and his life’s experiences through his various pieces. You can see an array of emotions crying out loud in those words. The betrayals, the despise, the failures and hardships you have to endure and the hatred you get tossed at you for being yourself, is evident in his work. His poems are very clear, simple and right to the point heartfelt.
His journey starts with breaking free from the norms of society with his poem Open Sky where he refuses to accept the rules laid by the society. You can see his struggles through his poem, I will survive where he openly depicts hurt and betrayal he has experienced, with clever use of metonymy and personification to add life to those feelings.

You can also see bright shades of spirituality and you instantly know that Joshua is a highly spiritual person who has been through his share of rough and despair. His poems Life and Thanks are more about his faith and spiritual dependence than anything.
Joshua has dedicated his book to his mother. In his poem Love Beyond This Life he speaks highly of the sacrifices made by his mother and it is evident how much he misses her. I found the poem to be one of the best poems in the entire collection. Honest and sincere, it depicts the pain and hurt of a child feeling lost without his mother.

Even though eyes can‘t see, you live in my hearts every sound.
My soul is indebted, you as mother I found.
Your teachings will always guide me.
Never fear, never stop, but believe.
This love is not just for a lifetime,
It keeps growing stronger and immortal every moment.
It is love beyond this life.

Overall, I found his poems sincere and heart-warming. His poems are truly unique, especially Occlusion which is an apt description of the highly hypocrite society we live in and beautifully put together.
Journey Within, I find is a good read and a good collection poems for anyone to read and related to.
Final Verdict:
My Rating: ★★★★☆
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Journey Within – Teaser

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