It calls for a celebration!!

Update: 16-OCT-2013:

The book 25 Strokes of Kindness is available at flipkart for Pre-order. And guess what? It’s only for Rs. 100. Get you copy here…

I am like yay!

What happened?

This happened!

25 Strokes of Kindness

25 Strokes of Kindness

My story is being featured in the new anthology “25 Strokes of Kindness” by Grapevine Publishers. I am now a part of this great family called Grapevine Publishers.

The book releases next month and I am like,

So happy...

So happy…

I am waiting breathless, anxious to see myself as a part of this amazing book that will touch upon a lovely subject, as beautiful as Kindness. My short story, “Love thy neighbour” is going to be one of the 25 finest strokes that will surely touch your heart.

So my dear readers and fellow writers, watch out for this amaing book called, “25 Strokes of Kindness” by Grapevine Publishers that will be launched next month.

More updates to follow in this section.

Pretty Me

Thank God!

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