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Strong Advice Alert!!

If you want to write better, and get published, I suggest you read this first.

I know there are many Authors seeing this post, who may agree or unfortunately, disagree, but I had to get this out. Day by day, as I read more and more books, I felt the need to spread some awareness among fellow writers.

Read it, and share it please, you may save someone’s life.

There are some basic rules to writing. Pretty basic, I mean the basic ones, no fancy shmancy business here. The bare minimum rules any writer must follow.

Rule No. 1 – There is a different between an essay and a story. Yes, as shocking as it may sound to you, there is a difference between the two. Don’t write a story, especially a short story, like you would write an essay. A short story is like a gem, if treated properly, can bring out emotions, go into the depths of human hearts, and touch their souls.

If written like an essay, it will leave your readers turning pages with no effect at all. So please, don’t write like an essay. Put some heart and soul into it. Take an effort, write a story. Don’t just write what comes to your mind.
Rule No. 2 – POV matters. Yes, and I am not talking about just first person and third person POV here but the real POV of the story and narration. Don’t say the writer is narrating the tale. That’s just lazy writing. Again, put some effort and make you work beautiful. Treat your words with some dignity, give it some hard work. Write from a proper POV and omniscient POV, that’s just old school. Switch POVs with scene, write as the character is seeing the drama unfold, not as and when you feel like telling your readers what is happening. And switching from first to third person in the same story, now that’s just criminal.
Rule No. 3 – Show, don’t tell. Now this you’ll say is just a guideline. I agree but so are traffic rules I’d argue. For you own safety and for others, please follow them.
Let your readers visualize it, feel it. Don’t just tell them, let them experience it.
The food was very tasty, I am definitely going there Vs As I licked the buttery and juicy gravy off my fingers, I wondered when I’d get another opportunity to experience a burst of flavours so smooth and amazing.
Tell me which was better. The first one is insipid, lacking in everything good. The reader won’t remember anything about you or your love for food. Don’t let your story be that.
Rule No. 4 – Do not talk to your readers. Come on, need I tell that? It’s a strict no. Your readers don’t exist in your story world. Don’t talk to them. Character talking inside his head using POV is brilliance, but bluntly talking to the audience in brackets or otherwise, is killing the story right then and there. A good story transforms the reader’s world, takes them to places they’ve never been. Talking to them just reminds them that they are indeed holding a book, sitting on their bed, and the story is not real and they don’t need to care. Believe me, you don’t want that.
Think of writing as a lady, like Rekha, for instance. Elegant, poised, and aged with beauty. You need to treat her with respect. Put in some hard work, refine your story, work with it, for it, over and over again. Moreover, love it. Please, please don’t kill the lady.
Now, didn’t I say you might save someone’s life?
Understand the art of writing and experience a whole new world of magic. Try it, you can thank me later.
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