Heaven Conspires

As promised, here is the link to order Author Signed copies of my book:
http://www.gyaanbazaar.com/Books/Title/Heaven Conspires

That night, nobody was listening!
That night, she was going to stare death in its eyes!
That night, honour was going to be defied!
That night, rituals were going to be broken!
That night, destiny was going to be re-written.
That night, she was going to survive!
He didn’t know, that night, he was going to die.

Heaven Conspires

Guys, my first book, my first ever book is out for release now. Take a look at the cover, the back blurb and let me know how it looks.

The book is being published by Petals Publishers. A big yay for me! Thank you all for your support. Do read my blogs about Writing with persistence and perseverance. It actually does pay off. If you never quit, you are bound to succeed.

I will be updating this page with online links for ordering the book. I hope you all will support me in my endeavour by buying my book and reading it.

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