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Time to Critque

I started an initiative long back to start a critique group of writers, who help each other but the response wasn’t too great. So I am taking it upon myself to critique work here. Anyone who needs an honest opinion about writing to editors, pitching to agents, story pace, language, etc, please write to me […]

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Review of Heaven Conspires

Another bang on review by Wordbite rated 5 out of 5. An amazingly honest review. Rahul Marar says, “This one is a brilliantly woven suspense story.”” Check out the complete review here: http://wordbite.com/book-review-heaven-conspires-by-prity-subramanyam/ The early reviews of Heaven Conspires are in and Boy, am I loving it? A very nicely written, generous review in Milan […]

Let’s Crit!

Hola to all my fellow writers! I hope you all are busy writing and sending queries to publishers. With the number of hits I get on my blog daily, I assume there are umpteen number of writers, struggling writers, if I may add, who need help in critiquing their work. I have seen and been […]