A Christmas Miracle

A Christmas Miracle

“A Christmas miracle?”

“Yes,” Anna replied, while fiddling through the pile of papers aimlessly. She clearly wasn’t interesting in reading the crap she handed over to her.

The only reason she was pretending to even look at it, was AK. He had called in a favour and she promised him she’d at consider.

“What the hell kind of article is that?” Neha asked, her right hand on her hip, trying to sound pissed off, which she was, really.

“I thought it’s self-explanatory, kind of,” Anna looked at her, from under those glasses, and continued, “I need a story about a Christmas miracle. You know how Christmas is… joy, happiness and … you know Christmas.”

“What is so damn Christmassy about Christmas?”

“It’s Christmas for God’s sake. People put trees in their homes, workplace and decorate it with lights and sunshine and God knows what. If you look once in a while around you, you might find one in our goddamn office.” She banged the book on the table which she sure hated and looked at Neha. She started to say something, but then stopped.

As Neha started to look out of the window, trying to calm down, she spoke again, “You know India is a cosmopolitan society and people are nowadays inclining towards a multicultural way of life. Christians celebrate Diwali, Hindus decorate Christmas trees and everyone plays Holi. So, if we are done here, I suggest you get on with the story. I need one on my desk by tomorrow morning.”

“You know Christ wasn’t even born in December,” Neha mumbled, hoping to catch a break.

“We don’t write stories for people like you and me, missy. It’s for the rest of the world, for people who believe in miracles and rainbows and angels.”

“Rainbow is real, you know,” Neha said, even as she knew this was going to piss her off.

“Yes and there’s reindeer and little people working 24 by 7 in the North Pole.”

“Right.” She didn’t want to argue with Anna anymore. She had a huge task on her head, dangling like a sword.

Finding a Christmas miracle.

She sure hoped there were flights to North Pole, on discount!

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