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A mouthful of Sky

I wish I could fly and bid adieu the ground, To soar up in a place where no man has been, To fly with birds and wind in my face, And grab a spoon and take in a mouthful of sky. I wish I could swim in waters so deep, And dunk to bottoms where […]

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Salute to the Soldiers

When the lights go out, And the Sun heads west, These eyes peer into the darkness, And makes sweet love to the moon, and dances with the stars. Yet, these brave souls breathe their lives alone. They sink in the chill of the air, And eat snow through their lungs, Yet their eyes reek of […]

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I Wait

I wait, I wait My love so long so lost from me, Does it have to hurt so bad in misery? Stabbing pain ‘n aching heart, Bleeding veins tearing me apart. Does it have to drive me so crazy in vain? My love so long, so lost from me, I wait upon thee, I wait […]