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The color of sky

The true colour of sky, who doth knows? Is it jade blue or the mirrored true? The life of greater green – is yet to be seen. The drop of rain that comes down – is never ever foreseen Who do we call learned or who to be mean? Night by day falls – every […]

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The night of the dead

How mysterious can a cloud look? How often do we stare at it wondering what it really is? Is it a ship sailing away in the vast blue ocean or is it a mighty elephant roaring its trunk out? And how often do we get the answer? But everybody knows it’s just a cloud and […]

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The Moon, The Stars and Pizza

The Moon, the Stars and the Pizza Leaning on the cold rocks, scribbling the wet sand and feeling the saltiness, she felt as empty as ever. As if the water drained her burden and drank her sadness. She could feel nothing. It was one of the best feelings. To feel nothing. No weight, no thoughts, […]